Wendy Stone

As a designer and maker of stained glass windows, I have become fascinated with simple cut glass. Edges can deceive. Light becomes concentrated. Images appear and disappear. I enjoy exploiting these characteristics and often my starting point is clear sheet glass which is then cut, etched and printed upon to transform it from its origins of plain glass. Working with glass also gives me a chance to play with light. Using it for luminosity of colour and channelling it for sparkle and shine. These characteristics help me to ‘super realise’ photographs and create new realities. Inspired by memory and the ‘throw away’ snap shot, glass gives a new permanence to a moment in time. I enjoy the technical challenges that come from working with glass. Often the simplest looking pieces have many hours of process behind them. Glass can be deceptively simple to the viewer.

Wendy won the Stevens Prize for Architectural Glass in 2006 and the Neville Burston Award in 2009 for a large stairway window at the South East London Army Cadet Force Headquarters in Blackheath. She has been manager and chief designer for a London based stained glass studio for 12 years and now works on private commissions.

Wendy can be contacted on wsstainedglass@gmail.com

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