Pippa Stacey

Pippa’s glasswork is varied, from the magical world of her glass book and its related curiosities, to glass bowls and panels. Thorough research and drawings develop into sensitive work with careful consideration to contextual needs.

The inspirational themes of her work show printing, hand-painting and etching techniques:

'Glasswork in a Spin' YouTube video

The Magic Lantern Society created this mesmerising YouTube video from my projections of my spinning glass slides. I presented this at a recent Magic Lantern Society meeting. I will also be presenting my glasswork for International Women’s Day and this YouTube video will be included to promote Adult Learning Lewisham where I am a tutor. They offer a fantastic selection of glasswork courses currently online.

Click links to watch:

Film 1Film 2Film 3

‘Tales from the Glass Forest’

Inspired by text, the glass pages create a book which urges you to peer into and beyond. Look closely, there are creatures lurking in the undergrowth of the ‘Glass Forest.’


Leaves of box, bay, yew and citrus fruits entwine to create a gnarled and twisted topiary tree.

‘Healing Garden’

A garden for plants used in cancer-fighting drugs. May Apple, Purple Meadow Rue, Happy Tree, Rosie Periwinkle and Pacific Yew.

Pippa’s ‘Healing Garden’ panel was awarded a commendation from the Stevens competition in 2005.

In 2006 Pippa achieved the first prize in the ‘Lankelly Chase Foundation’ Award.

In 2017 Pippa received 'Best in Show' from the Contemporary Glasss Society at the International Festival of Glass.


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