Iain Gutteridge

My background in graphic design has influenced my bold approach to images within glass. When creating glass work to a brief I enjoy researching the history and subject of a place or people before beginning any design work. Beyond this point I feel it is important to see where an idea takes you - often the act of working with glass can inform and redirect a piece, instead of attempting always to control the medium, producing a far richer piece than may have been envisaged in the initial design.

I take commissions for architectural panels - anything from a front door pane, to churches and schools.

My personal work is often inspired by a wonder and joy at creation. I live in a particularly beautiful rural location and its hard not to be amazed every time I go for a walk, or look out a window.

I relish textures and details as well as simple forms; kiln forming, acid etching and sandblasting as well as traditional techniques of leading and copper-foiling, all play a part in my work as I attempt to capture or even exaggerate these aspects of nature in glass.


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