Brett Manley

My work comes in many forms, all reached in trying to resolve question and elucidate curiosities I see within the glass and it’s light-channelling properties.

Using handcut stencils, sandblasting and painting along with layering. I create optical illusions with the space within the glass. When seen from different angles chinks of light break through the glass creating a kind of kinetic interference pattern that brings the work to life. I am now using cast glass for a similar effect. Much of my work pursues my passion for collecting and repetitive pattern, rhythm, balance and movement.

I work in series, striving to show the spaces in between and within the glass, bending expectation and understanding.

“Art is a game only if you play at it, a mirror that reflects from the inside out.” Dannie Abse

My main techniques are kilnforming, fusing and slumping, casting, sandblasting, handcut stencils,mirroring, individual moulds for texture and shape and using found objects, I like the external uncontrolled inspiraton this produces.

Brett runs evening classes, summer courses and workshops from her studio in Perivale and teaches Stained Glass and Kilnformed Glass at Brent Adult Education College.

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