Andrew Boddington

Andrew’s new work plays with the interface between glass and air. Bubbles and edges in his kiln formed glass bowls, catch and reflect the light in a way that entices the viewer to reach out and touch.

His other work encompasses a range of glass techniques, old and new. He has had private and public commissions for windows and free hanging panels using traditional lead and stained glass techniques, including windows for two schools in Berkshire. Other more sculptural pieces use multicoloured bonded glass elements to define a dynamic space that provides a never-ending vista.

In 2005 Andrew completed the Postgraduate Professional Studies Glass course at Central Saint Martins College of the University of the Arts, London. In the final Glass Exhibition he won the Lankelly Chase Foundation prize for best glass in show.

Andrew can be contacted to discuss the bespoke commission of glass windows, panels and bowls on 07905 923927.

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